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DARK SIDE OF THE CHEW IN THE NEWS – Click on the links below to see the buzz the film has been creating around the world!

Dark Side of the Chew will be screening in Moscow, Russia this February as part of theEco Cup environmental film festival. Stay tuned for more details!

Bourree Lam from The Atlantic interviews Dark Side’s director Andrew Nisker about gum’s economic impact throughout its 5000 year history

Belgium’s Le Vif Magazine covers Dark Side of the Chew – and just what the film uncovers!

The Metro Time’s in the Netherlands piece on the film – despite the colours and flavours, gum isn’t just a sweet treat.

Have a listen to CBC Radio’s As It Happens, where host Carol Off speaks with director Andrew Nisker about the problem of gum

CBC interviews Andrew Nisker on the streets of Toronto about gum pollution and the film

The Weather Network’s piece on the film, plastic pollution, the Gum Shoe app, and Andrew Nisker’s TEDx talk

Director Andrew Nisker’s interview with

Parker Mott has great things to say about the film in his review on

How ESRI Canada and Dark Side of the Chew are quantifying gum pollution

Pat Mullen at Cinemablographer has a lot to chew on in his review of Dark Side of the Chew

“Chew but don’t spit,” says Taija Anderson at

Katie Chats host Katie Uhlmann interviews Andrew Nisker at the TIFF Lightbox in downtown Toronto

Greg Klymkiw of The Film Corner delivers a most passionate – and illustrated – review of the film! interviews Andrew Nisker about the film, exploring the impact of tossed, chewed gum