Meet Gum Shoe!

Gum Shoe takes technology and gives the power to the people. It inspires communities to get involved and take action by simply using their smart phone.

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There are billions of pieces of gum stuck to sidewalks all over the world. In the U.K. alone they spend over 100 million pounds annually to remove it. Globally, that number has yet to be quantified. Some estimate over a billion dollars a year. Yes, that may come as shock to some, but the reality is it is so innocuous – few are paying attention to the social and environmental and economic impact of the world’s second most common form of litter.

So, what can be done to tackle this issue and stop wasting a massive amount of resources on this sticky scourge?


Take Action Now!

Meet Gum Shoe. This interactive app allows users to use their iPhones and iPads to document gum pollution in their cities so we can work together to quantify this waste on a global scale and put pressure on gum companies to come up with more environmentally friendly products and inspire consumers to use the trash bin.

Have a look at the interactive map above to see where people are sending photos in from. You can join in on the fun or maybe you’ll even be the very first contributor from your city!


Gum Shoe for Everyone

Educators: teach students about consumption in an interactive way by allowing them to directly quantify gum waste.

Citizens, tax payers, environmentalists: now is your chance to take action – help eliminate gum pollution.