The film has its United States film festival premiere at the DC Environmental Film Festival in the nation’s capital in March 2016 – if you’re in the area, check out the festival for ticket info!

Dark Side of the Chew will be screening in Moscow, Russia this February as part of the Eco Cup environmental film festival. Stay tuned for more details!


If you are an educator interested in purchasing a license for an elementary or high school, university, or non-profit organization, have a look at our screening licences for Dark Side of the Chew here.


DARK SIDE OF THE CHEW has received a STARRED REVIEW (“Outstanding!”) from Booklist Online, a reviewer for librarians, book groups, and book lovers – from the trusted experts at the American Library Association. Check it out here.


Look out for Dark Side of the Chew this fall as it takes over Europe with screenings at such prestigious film festivals as Cinemambiente in Torino, Italy this October, and at FICMA in Barcelona, Spain this November!

Gum chewers in Denmark can even see the film on national broadcaster DR and viewers in Taiwan can catch Dark Side on DaAiTV!

After screening to audiences in Ontario on TVO this spring and following successful international screenings at the Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival (September 2015), the Green Film Festival in Seoul (South Korea – May 2015), at FIFE in France (February 2015) and at home at the Planet In Focus Film Festival (Toronto – November 2014), Dark Side of the Chew has proven that the problem of chewing gum is truly a worldwide phenomenon and an global fascination.

It’s the world’s second most common form of litter. It’s invisible to most. Yet it lurks everywhere (including the bottoms of tables, desks and shoes). How did we become so addicted to chewing gum and how is our consumption of trillions of sticks a year impacting our health and our planet? Join award-winning, eco-activist filmmaker Andrew Nisker – Garbage! (Sundance), Chemerical (Netflix), Orange Witness (Documentary) – in a cinematic first as he travels our planet and speaks to gobs of manufacturers, activists and scientists to unravel the entertaining, yet shocking truth behind our obsession with a seemingly innocuous product that is gumming up more than just our environment. Full of unexpected twists and bubble-bursting surprises, the Dark Side Of The Chew will give you a lot to chomp on if you’re hooked on this seemingly innocent, age-old habit.


“Nisker has a modesty about him that’s endearing. It reinforces the inspiring notion that any average Joe if they put their mind and actions to it, like Nisker, can make a difference.”

-Parker Mott,


“I like the fact that it was a very funny film about a very serious subject. And I think Andrew was able to put it in a kind of context – the whole question of chewing gum – in a way that seemed funny on the one hand, but gradually got darker and darker, like the title of the film. He’s a wonderful filmmaker, and I like the fact that he put himself in as the protagonist – we knew where we were all the time because of who Andrew is, and he can play the common man very well, although I think he’s uncommonly good at what he does.”

-Marc Glassman, POV Magazine


“Nisker’s film is so exhaustive, he might well have just called it Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Gum But Were Too Ignorant To Ask.”

-Greg Klimkiw, The Film Corner


“Dark Side of the Chew takes a Super Size Me approach to documentary.”

-Patt Mullen, Cinemablographer


Dark Side of the Chew had its premiere at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema in Toronto on the closing night of the Planet in Focus Film Festival this past November, and screened to sold out crowds at FIFE in Paris on February 6th and February 7th. It will screen at the Green Film Festival in Seoul, South Korea, in May of this year, as well as at the Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival later this fall.